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PUNKT is a non-hierarchical theatre collective. We devise new ways to look at the classics and uncover hidden narratives. Based in London, United Kingdom, we are multidisciplinary artists from international backgrounds, who started the company as postgraduate students of the MA/MFA Advanced Theatre Practice course at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.

We use a self-developed Origami Method of collaboration as an organising principle for our practice. Each company member builds on one another's ideas to come to a collectively created, group-owned final piece. We put ourselves at the centre of our work and draw on textual sources, both classical and autobiographical, to investigate the boundaries of performance.


Learn more about the company's working practices in our book.


Aida Rocci is a London-based theatre-maker with artistic roots in Spain, United States, and Russia. She has worked as a dramaturg for artists such as Eve Ensler, Daniel Kramer, and Diane Paulus. On an unexpected turn upon arrival to London, she delved into the world of cabaret as the Entertainment Manager for an immersive dining experience, creating wacky shows with emcees, actors, musicians, and circus performers. She holds an MFA in Dramaturgy and Theatre Studies from the American Repertory Theatre/Moscow Art Theatre Institute for Advanced Theatre Training at Harvard University.

Abigail Hirsch is a London-based theatre-maker from New York City. She has worked as a producer and an assistant director for non-profit and fringe projects on two continents. She studied English at the University of Oxford and New York University, where her research focused on Shakespeare's plays in modern productions.

Antonia Georgieva is a director and playwright with a particular interest in directing new work as well as site-specific adaptations. She began her training as a director during her BA at Columbia University and has worked on a variety of productions for both theatrical and non-theatrical spaces involving a wide range of production sizes – from directing one-woman shows to heading a site-specific production of Hamlet with a cast and team of 80 people. As the founder of a new female-led collective Aslant Theatre Company, she has a keen artistic interest in reimagining the classical canon and challenging the way we remember history.

Oliver McFadden is a collaborative theatre-maker and director based in London. After studying and living in Norwich for 5 years, founding and running a small Arts Council-funded LGBTQ+ theatre company, and pursuing a career in events management, he has moved back to join the struggling masses in London. He has a particular interest in staging Gothic classics and in examining queer experiences onstage through working with groups of collaborators to bring multi-layered narratives onto the stage. 



Rehearsals for Punkt Presents Penelope

10 March - 14 March

February - March


8 October

Performance of Punkt Presents Penelope at London Pub Theatres Festival at The Lion & Unicorn Theatre, London

20 September

Performance of Daughter of Hell at N/A: New Artists at Theatre Deli, London

29 August

Performance of Daughter of Hell at The Yard, London

July - August

Rehearsals for Daughter of Hell at The Yard, London

19 July - 20 July

R&D + Rehearsals for Daughter of Hell at Etcetera Theatre, London

May - July

Work-in-progress performances of Daughter of Hell at Etcetera Theatre, London

18 March

Performance of Punkt Presents Penelope at The Courtyard Theatre, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, London

January - March      

R&D + Rehearsals for Punkt Presents Penelope at The Courtyard Theatre, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, London

21 January   

Company Formation

Talia Kracauer is an American performer and theatre-maker based in London. At 18, she moved to Berlin, Germany, to study theatre and fine arts before completing an MFA in Advanced Theatre Practice from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. Her practice is greatly influenced by the Postdramatic and Brechtian traditions of Belin, with a keen interest in musical theatre as well as new writing. She has trained in classical voice, Laban movement-based practice, and acting.


Abigail Hirsch, Aida Rocci, Faezah Zulkifli, Isabella Routley, Oliver McFadden, Rachel Copel, Talia Kracauer

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